Starting a blog to keep in touch  

keishacd69 57T
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8/23/2019 10:45 am
Starting a blog to keep in touch

Since standard members can't communicate much (limited IM, no messaging, no cams), starting this blog to interact with others. Please leave comments or notes if you like what you see or read.


7171 posts
8/23/2019 10:53 am

Uzername90 29M
11 posts
8/23/2019 7:39 pm

That ass needs a good tapping for sure.

keishacd69 57T
47 posts
8/23/2019 7:48 pm

It sure does!

skier4u4 60M
210 posts
8/23/2019 8:38 pm

See that's what I been saying all a long, make a blog page so people can communicate with you!

bi4cdfun 48M
63 posts
8/24/2019 12:23 am

Hi. That's how this site is trying to squeeze more 3 free daily conversations. But yeah...we have to do what we have to do to make connections and stay in our circle. BTW...I do like what I see..

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